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What to Consider when Choosing an Engagement Ring

Shopping for an engagement ring can be a very daunting task, especially if you don’t know where to begin. Take note of the things enumerated below, and you’ll be able to find the perfect ring for the perfect girl you’re dying to ask to be your wife.

What You Know
Assuming that you know little or even nothing about jewelry, the first thing you should do is research. Acquaint yourself with terms you’re likely to encounter. Not only will this give you more confidence as you try to maneuver through unfamiliar territory (that is, jewelry shopping), shady dealers are also less likely to transact with you – seeing as you know what you’re doing. Some things you should take the time to understand are the ring band, the gemstone along with its characteristics, and the setting of the ring.

Your Partner’s Taste and Lifestyle
Of course, you would want the engagement ring to be something that your partner will love. As such, take the time to know what type of ring she wants, and don’t forget her ring size, too. You should also consider her lifestyle. If she likes the outdoors, you ought to purchase a ring with a stone setting that’s lower than usual (you don’t want it to get caught on something when she’s hiking or doing any outdoor activity). If she’s into clothes and fashion, though, feel free to purchase something with the gemstone set high.

The Jeweler
As any piece of jewelry is an investment that can cost you a considerable sum, you would want to buy the engagement ring from a reputable jeweler. If you don’t mind letting the cat out of the bag, ask married family members and friends for referrals. Or, you can look up the jeweler or the shop’s name online for feedback. Once you find a reputable dealer, ask first if he does resizing and if they offer repair services before you make a purchase.

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