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I just wanted to make a short post to go over something basic but essential: How to style a colorful skirt.

Usually, when designing something that has several designs and colors such as this H&M dress, you want to pair it with a top that’s not too elaborate. That way you accentuate the design of the skirt.

You can wear even the brightest pattern if the top matches a color that it is already in the skirt. Don’t add a new color – imagine if an orange t-shirt was used in this outfit! It would look over-the-top, and the harmony of the outfit will fall apart. Neutrals like black or white are perfect for a low-key but fun look.

If you’re limited regarding colors, you can play around with the style of your top! As seen in the image, both the elaborate turquoise t-shirt and the white t-shirt work well. V-necks and peter pan collars will also work, as will shorter-length loose tops. Have a colorful summer!

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