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The Extras When Purchasing Your Engagement Ring

So you and your spouse-to-be have a date for your big day, and now it’s time to find your perfect engagement ring. You have decided to shop together so that you get what you both feel is accurate and appropriate for your mutual enjoyment. But once the ring is picked out and paid for, there are other considerations that you need to take a look at to get the most out of your jewelry purchase.

The first thing to consider is that the wearer of the ring makes the purchase more unique. Be sure the ring fits the personality of the person that will wear it every day. Their daily activities and interests will determine the style of ring that you choose, so be sure that your engagement ring purchase is appropriate. For example, if your bride-to-be is an outdoors type of person, be sure that your purchase matches that personality. Keeping that consideration in mind will help you in the next steps.

When you make a major purchase, such as this engagement ring, you want to be sure that you are protected in different ways to maintain the value of the acquisition you made. But there are some factors to watch for that you will need as well as some that may be “over-kill” in protecting your purchase. For example, does the insurance policy proposed to involve routine cleaning and inspections to preserve the setting? That little bit of maintenance can mean the difference between losing your precious gems and making the ring last nearly forever. The cleanings keep your engagement ring looking new, with the same brilliance it had when you bought it.

Some insurance for your engagement ring will cover the cost of size adjustments, in case the wearer gains or loses weight, has injuries to their fingers, or finds that the original size is not correct. The insurance may also cover the loss of the ring, but be sure to read this clause carefully. Some say they will cover the loss, but only if a homeowner’s policy does not. In most cases, the homeowner’s policy requires you to show evidence of the purchase as well as an official report on file that you reported the loss. Sometimes, even that is not enough. If your homeowner’s insurance refuses coverage due to a lack of information, your engagement ring insurance may refuse to cover your loss also.

The bottom line is that must be sure you understand the costs and terms involved with the extras you purchase with your engagement ring. Be sure to read the fine print.

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