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The color diamond ring

After I saw many home and family and her husband also fancy diamond ring, compare the prices and cost performance. Family accompanied me to walk the three towns of our city, here I want to thank my mother-in-law, the other people all say her mother-in-law is bad, my mother-in-law is perfect, but from the wedding arrangements ran agree.it might worry before we’re too busy don’t have the time, the wedding ring and her mother-in-law accompanied me around a lot of stores, compare prices when they took the little book remember every price, so buy the satisfaction of colored diamond ring now thanks to my mother-in-law.

See have a new family of the Swan is a class, I feel very good, and then is 40 points, the level is not so good. I said do you have any color and clarity are better, the clerk said, but this one is the color. Then I asked the price, the secretary said providers are more than fifteen thousand, I thought it is not cost-effective, because a lot of good friends to buy, so you may as well know the price, the shop assistant look and said, I don’t offer you may in a couple of days to see, he said it was doing activities makes it worthwhile, sell also is very good, I said that I now just to see the first I want to see more. The clerk attitude to one hundred and eighty degrees.

I said I like this kind of six claw, the shop assistant said, said it up more than one thousand, probably I am not talking up the bag inside, she says, is not said diamond profit is very low and is up another work, my mother-in-law said price can also, I said a spot can have a look at the color diamonds, she immediately gave me a diamond to look, said this is my take on how do think the diamonds are not at the first glance, the clerk explained that it is ok, put on the skin and then give me put on the skin, but still not flash, it is foggy, I said can you change a, she says you can, but want to settle, say to give a deposit, or put in my heart whisper of drawback or so, he said let’s look at another contrast under, took my mother-in-law went away.

She said let’s look at the style, I say ok, I see in the first six claw Tiffany is a classic, and then the clerk told me that it is made to Tiffany identical, then I ask how much this drill, the secretary said that one carat, I should say that this one carat, she said this is not the diamond, are just a few feet, features, I think so, I said I want to make a smaller 50 points that are not the half, she said almost is much lower. The clerk again later and I said I have the best spot can have a look at the new, and then to compare the place show to show me the gemstone, which is really like, I will ask the diamond is much here, girls say 50 points. I said this very high; the boss was also in that day, told me how much I want to what level, said I want 50 points, about color e color, clarity, a little better, the boss began to offer to me. Finally, I choose 50 e color vs1 diamond ring; a price is very reasonable, and also give up, just add a pair of drilling cost.

Color diamond culture originated in the west, after hundreds of years of development, from only for the use of the royal treasure, to now become rich tycoons treasure collection selection and status symbol.

At present, the international diamond market agile development, mainly composed of big diamond sales. Started relatively late and the domestic color diamond market has been growing in recent years and gradually be public understanding and acceptance.

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