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It’s happened to all of us: the latest fashions look amazing on mannequins in the window display, and you can’t wait to see try them on. But when you step out of the fitting room, it almost looks like you’re wearing different clothes! Why doesn’t the outfit look just as good on …

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I love having long and thick (quite clumpy) lashes, I mean who doesn’t! I’ve always searched for a good but affordable mascara, but haven’t been satisfied yet. Recently I tried two new mascaras (now they’re not new in the sense that they just came out on the market – new …

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Have you ever wondered who decides what’s “in” and fashionable this season? Can people tell if my last year’s wardrobe is so outdated? And what I need to do to be trendy without breaking my bank? I am sure you all have, at least once in your life. As a …

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