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I think it’s important to change your make-up look and everyday products or colors with the changing seasons to more beautifully blend (or stand out) in your naturally changing environment and also to best meet the needs of your growing skin. This summer I feel inspired to focus on my skin. The makeup look I’m going for is a very natural, honey-toned flawless skin finish with minimum use of coral tones. I hate putting on several products like foundation, primers, concealers, powders or even moisturizers as I feel like my skin can’t breathe. So for me to look even toned and smooth, I have to take care of my natural skin. I’m aiming for a healthy, evenly pigmented, naturally bright and slightly bronzed skin tone. And I know this doesn’t come easy!

I have planned a few things to achieve this look, and hopefully, some of you can benefit from it too. Before I get into the methods, I’ll describe my skin type a bit, and if you have a similar skin, it might be beneficial for you too. Also, if your skin is unique, I caution you to patch test or consult your dermatologist. My skin is normal to dry and a bit sensitive. I don’t have any acne, but I would get pimples here and there once or twice a month. My major concern is that sometimes my skin gets irritated due to dust or because I don’t take much care of it and it will get spots (perhaps pigmentation) that don’t easily fade away. Here’s my plan:

1. Daily use of SPF, cleansing, and moisturizer:

You may not realize how important these basic steps are and yes I am way too lazy to put a sunscreen or moisturizer on despite having a sensitive and dry skin. I wash my face twice a day, and that’s about it for cleaning. I like the results of a milk-based cleanser to clear pores. My sister has a very nice smooth skin, and I remember she used milk cleanser every day and even got me into the habit of doing it. I used to suffer from frequent breakouts due to clogged pores but once I started following her recommendations, my skin drastically improved. Dry skin cleansers contain a variety of emollient ingredients to preserve and add moisture to your skin without feeling too heavy or clogging pores especially during summer when the excessive heat makes your skin produce more oil.

2. Exfoliate!

This is the key to a naturally radiant skin. Chemical exfoliants such as glycolic acid, salicylic acid, and citric acid are relatively better than physical exfoliants simply because they are less abrasive on the skin and the side-effects are more controlled. I also feel that they give a much thorough cleansing without irritating sensitive skin as is the case with physical beads. It will take off all the dead skin, clean pores and make the skin appear more radiant.

3. Ubtan – Herbal Mask

“Urban” is an Ayurvedic Facial Mask very frequently used in India, especially on brides, to make your skin soft, smooth and glowing. It mainly consists of chickpea flour, turmeric powder, rose water, almond paste, cashew paste and pistachio paste and some other ingredients like wheat germ oil (the recipe varies depending on where you get it from). The key is that it world in making your skin look brighter. It’s traditionally used to make you look fairer. However, I feel that it helps more in the evening out the pigmentation. It works best when applied daily. The granular texture of it can also act as an exfoliant.

4. Milk & Yogurt

Milk is known to be Cleopatra’s secret to beautiful, and it’s true that it works. Especially sour milk mainly due to lactic acid. It is great to peel off the dead surface of the skin and brighten your complexion. Similarly, yogurt is great for skin due to the active cultures (probiotics) in it. It diminishes pore size, improves the overall texture of the skin making it feel smooth and radiant.

5. Avoid touching, scratching and rubbing

This is a huge cause of skin irritation, redness or breakouts. I tend to touch my face a lot while on the go in public transit to get my hair out of my face or just to itch. This is extremely dangerous as it transfers bacteria through direct contact. I also aim to ensure regular cleaning of pillow cases and prevent rubbing of the comforter on my face as it could build up bacteria through oils transferred from my skin and hair onto the pillow covers.

Now I am sure I can’t do all of it every day, and neither am I going to follow these tips religiously, but at least I’ll try. I think we humans are more motivated than what we give ourselves credit for lol. I’ll let you know how this turn out for me and good luck to you too.

Cheers to a beautiful skin this summer!

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