As I am working towards getting a fresher and flawless skin this summer, I switched through a couple of face washes/ cleansers + exfoliators in the past couple of months. I mostly tried drugstore, cheap and easily available ones to start with.

  • NOXZEMA triple clean acne blackhead cleanser is the best cleanser I tried all the ones I’m mentioning. It is very inexpensive and works great as a cleanser and chemical exfoliant. It contains 2% salicylic acid (a chemical exfoliant) and claims to prevent breakouts by deep cleaning the skin. I feel it successfully meets its claim as I feel that it cleans up the pores especially when in the shower. To get the best of out the product, I recommend leaving it on your face for a couple of minutes in the shower to let the salicylic acid to activate and exfoliate. It is not too harsh as many other acne preventing products and does not lather which is good. Since I have normal to dry skin, I feel like any gathering blemish preventing product strips away the moisture from the skin and causes flakiness. This is not the case in this product; it’s a subtle product that best for skins that don’t get acne breakout but do get pimples from time to time. I’ll re-purchase it.



  • CLEAN & CLEAR oil-free acne wash is probably not the best product for dry skin types. It didn’t suit me much, and I don’t quite like it due to its harshness. It may work wonders for oily skin, but I guess I got carried away by seeing a couple of pimples. It does help with breakouts, but the formula is too drying and causing flakiness. I like the cool, tingly feeling but the harshness and lathering take away essential moisture. Don’t recommend for normal to dry skin.




  • CLEAN & CLEAR soft in-shower facial is the most efficient and affordable exfoliant I ever tried. It deep cleans the pore when used in shower, as the direction says. The beads are delicate enough that they don’t irritate the skins but do provide physical exfoliation. The formula isn’t too harsh for normal to dry skin and contains the combination of physical and chemical exfoliant (glycolic acid)for effective deep cleaning. Definitely recommend it and will re-purchase.

  • BIORE skin prevention gel cleanser with Botanamide and Vitamin E is a very gentle and nourishing cleanser. It is perfect to alternate with your harsh, blemish preventing cleansers. It cleans up the skin nicely leaving it soft and glowing. I notice a slight skin plumping effect too but don’t guarantee that. It helps the skin retain moisture despite a nice lather. There is no scent or tingling feeling which I really like. Definitely recommend to alternate this with your harsh cleansers for a daily use.

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