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Design your own diamond engagement ring

The engagement ring has always been one of the important symbols of love. If you have limited finances and would like to give your loved one a lovely diamond engagement ring, you can look at the options to design your ring. Find out more below.

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The Fifth C in Choosing an Engagement Ring

If you have already the learned the four C’s in choosing a diamond, (carat, color, clarity, and cut) then you know how they have an impact on the cost of your engagement ring.  That is the fifth C in choosing your engagement ring – Cost.  There are some things that …

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Engagement Rings on a Budget

Engagements are a special time for a couple. They make a promise to each other to wed, sharing the love they have created over time. More often than not, this involves the purchase or sharing of a ring to symbolize their commitment to each other. But not all couples have …

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