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Ever wonder why your new shampoo does wonders for your hair for the first few months, but then your hair goes back to being frizzy and dull?

You do need to switch shampoos, but not because your hair is getting “used” to the products as you might have heard before. The silicones in most commercial hair products make your hair temporarily soft and shiny, but over time, they build up and coat your hair shaft and follicles, smothering and clogging your hair. This is where Live Clean comes in.

Exotic Nectar Conditioner

“But Stylesreview,” you may be asking, “what is this Live Clean?” Live Clean is a fairly new Canadian company, committed to producing vegan, biodegradable and organic plant-derived personal care products. They don’t use phthalates, parabens, phosphates, or gluten, they don’t test on animals, and their ingredients lists actually make sense. Best of all, the prices are comparable to the regular stuff!

Anyway, on to the actual review! I am currently in love with Live Clean’s Exotic Nectar Conditioner, which features pure argan oil and a moisturising blend of grapeseed and olive oils. I’ve gotten my sister, who has thick curly hair like me, hooked on it as well. My hair is glossy despite the winter wind (and I always wear it loose), and my frizz has calmed down.

The conditioner is thick and creamy, and spreads well so you don’t need a lot. It smells scrumptious, like vanilla sugar! I don’t find it weighty or greasy, but if your hair is not on the dry side you should proceed with caution, as it is quite rich. I’d recommend checking out their other lines, like the Clarifying Apple Cider Vinegar for oily hair – it comes with a finishing rinse instead of a conditioner. It feels great to use a natural product, knowing that you aren’t covering yourself in mysterious chemicals. Give us your feedback if you do try other products, and let us know if you liked this one!

**BONUS: I also bought the Exotic Nectar Replenishing Lotion, and it moisturises my medium-dry skin nicely – it may not be rich enough for very dry skin. I mainly like it because it smells just as delicious as the conditioner!

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