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Found this excellent website the other day. It is called JOTOTES, and it sells ladies bags for SLR CAMERAS. What can I say? It is my dream come true. Most bags for large bulky cameras are exactly as I said, vast and bulky. Plus, they are black, and they have a logo which tells the whole world you have $1000 worth of equipment in your bag.

But these bags are different, they are fun and stylish, and they come in several different shapes and colors. The best thing is that they look like a purse and you can use it if you want just like a bag.

If you guys love taking pictures as much as I do. Give these beauties a try; they are made of a high quality I promise you, you won’t regret it!

Here are some sample pictures of some of the bags.


If you want to see more bags, please check the website at http://www.jototes.com/

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