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Here are three ways you can style your basic white T-shirt that pretty much everyone has. It is one of those pieces you can easily dress up or down. But very often we forget to use it and even if we do, we put it together with blue jeans and sometimes a basic black blazer to dress it up. Hope it inspires you to use this item of your closet to its maximum potential…

OUTFIT#1 – CASUAL: This is a casual day look with earthy tones and a little bit of warmth of peach to make it slightly summery. It is great for going out shopping, laid back lunches or even a beach party. Make-up look that would go best with it is very natural, tanned skin with moisturized lips and perhaps a bit of winged liner.


OUTFIT # 2 – SEMI-FORMAL: This is the type of outfit you could wear to some meetings if you’re a business woman (depending on the level of professionalism and formality of your work environment). You could wear to school for presentations or even if you’re meeting your boyfriend’s family for the first time. This look is very easy to work with pretty much any type of make-up look. But I envision it to look best with hot pint or red lips and a strong cat-eye liner.



OUTFIT #3: GOING-OUT CLUB OUTFIT: This third look is definitely a more dressed up, going-out version. This could be appropriate for a friend’s birthday party or if you’re just going to explore the night-life of a new town. This is perfect to play up those bluish-green smokey eyes and peachy-nude lips.

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