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Have you ever been to a party where you see someone who is eye-catching and a magnet for attention, and you wondered whether it’s her looks or the clothes, or perhaps her expensive accessories or shoes that are so attractive? But breaking down each item, you find it to be average, and you can’t put your finger on what exactly is it that’s making her stand out.

Well, it’s simple. Confidence is the accessory that makes you stand out and look trendier despite wearing normal clothes, shoes, and accessories. It brings a positive aura to your personality that is magnetic in nature and intoxicates the people around you to the extent that it makes you appear more glamorous than everyone else around you. Now you may be wondering ‘how can I be that confident?’

That’s easy too. First and foremost, KNOW that you look amazing. Don’t be conscious of any flaws or imperfections that your outfit may have. Don’t be bothered if your tummy is bulging out or your shoes are a size too big, whether your hair is disheveled or even if you got lipstick on your teeth. Being conscious of all these things, fussing about them, and asking your friends to check it for you and reassure that you look gorgeous is NOT going to make you look gorgeous. It only makes you look self-centered and high maintenance. Just embrace yourself the way you are, focus on the positives, let your personality and positivity shine through and feel the awesomeness that you imagine in a perfect looking woman. Believe it or not, this positive energy makes you appear more attractive and is something you can’t buy in a store.

The second step is to WALK CONFIDENTLY. Many of us don’t keep our posture straight when we become at ease, especially while sitting down. Hunching and slouching is a no no. Walk with shoulders high, waist not bent, and legs locked. Also, SMILE when you make eye contact. Many of us shy away when we make eye contact with someone and instead of recognizing their presence we tend to look away swiftly or down at our cell phone. This makes you look hard to approach, stuck up in some cases and not very attractive. Your behavior and the way you treat other people impacts their image of you.

Lastly, LAUGH, ENJOY and BE ENJOYABLE for others. Let everyone have a good time in your company. If you got lipstick on your lips or food in your mouth, instead of becoming conscious about it and going away to fix it in the ladies room, stay there fix it briefly and have a laugh about it. This will show you’re not embarrassed by the way you look no matter what. In the end, even if you were not looking hotter than everyone else, your chances of being remembered as the gorgeous chick at the party are higher because of the way you made people feel.


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