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Engagement Rings on a Budget

Engagements are a special time for a couple. They make a promise to each other to wed, sharing the love they have created over time. More often than not, this involves the purchase or sharing of a ring to symbolize their commitment to each other. But not all couples have the level of income they desire in making the purchase of an engagement ring. However, there are alternatives to a ring with expensive gemstones and precious metals. The engagement and the ring can still be special in the eyes of the couple, with the money saved being available for their big day.

Instead of purchasing a ring with a huge diamond, some couples opt for an engagement ring with a strong gold band and setting (10K – 14K) with cubic zirconia for the center stone and accent stones. Other gems can be used as well, adding color and more meaning to the ring. For example, rubies, jade, or onyx can be used. This adds value to the ring while personalizing it for the couple. A picturesque cluster setting can be used to accent a larger center stone of cubic zirconia or other gemstones for a unique design.

In addition to genuine gemstones, polished glass gems are sometimes used. If the engagement ring is purely for symbolism rather than monetary value, the variety of colors available give a vast choice in color and design that is limited only by the imagination. Birthstone colors for the couple can be arranged in a circular design symbolizing their never-ending love and the combination of their birth attributes. Not only will the engagement ring shine with beauty, but the gems and choice of metals for the band and setting will last for many years to come, even with daily wear.

Another option is to design and purchase an engagement ring that is made of all metal. Perhaps a design of platinum woven with gold can be used, sporting a symbol for something that the couple believes in. The Love Knot is a common symbol used in metal engagement rings. There are many others, including Yin and Yang and Linked Circles. Other designs, such as family insignias and designs that show meaning such as clouds, trees, and initials are also popular. Ultimately, it is the couple’s choice and common interests that will find the perfect engagement ring, combining their love for each other with the things that bring meaning to their lives.

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