It’s happened to all of us: the latest fashions look amazing on mannequins in the window display, and you can’t wait to see try them on. But when you step out of the fitting room, it almost looks like you’re wearing different clothes! Why doesn’t the outfit look just as good on you?
Just because something is trendy, doesn’t mean it works for everyone – one size rarely fits all! We all hear about dressing for our body type, but figuring out how to actually do it is a different story. At Styles Review, we’re here to help. Fashion and You is about more than just what’s hot at the moment – it’s about looks that will work for you year-round.
Scarlett Johansson-The 63rd Annual Golden Globe Awards – Arrivals

Pear: The muse. As the name suggests, a pear has small shoulders and chest, a slim waist, and generous hips and thighs. This is one of the most common shapes, yet is unfortunately prone to the Fitting Room Problem. The curvaceous pear shape has historically been a symbol of fertility – countless artists have used it to depict feminine beauty. Stunning, Bootylicious, and the ultimate diva, Beyoncé makes it easy to see why!

Hourglass: The classic. Equally broad shoulders and hips, a large bust and hips with a short waist in between, and long legs. For centuries, women wore corsets to attain the idealised hourglass figure. Few women naturally have this shape, so finding clothes designed to accommodate curves is the biggest Fitting Room Problem. Hollywood’s blonde bombshell, Scarlett Johansson, is an hourglass.

Skittle: The athlete. Skittles have a long, slim torso with shorter and fuller legs. Skittles tend to look fit, as they have slender arms, flat stomachs, and developed calves: think of muscular ballerinas and tennis players. They have legs made for heels! Unlike the pear, skittles don’t have wide hips, making them an easier shape to dress. A regal beauty, the Duchess of Cambridge is a fashion icon for the clothes she wears on her skittle shape.

Vase: The favourite. Vases have equal hips and shoulders, a gently-defined waist, and proportionate legs and torso. They’re an hourglass without the extreme curves, and, like the skittle, this straightness makes them easier to dress. The vase shape is common, and is the best of both worlds – voluptuous without being too hard to dress! Known for her out-there outfits and the body that shows them off, popstar Katy Perry is a versatile vase.

Apple: The baby doll. Apple-shaped women have a large bust, undefined waist, and narrow hips. This shape can certainly fall into the trap of the Fitting Room Problem, with their slender shoulders and legs refusing the same fit as their middles. However, apples are plentiful, and a lot of high-street designs are now made to flatter this body type. Beautiful and talented, Oscar-winning Angelina Jolie is a slim apple shape.

Column: The mannequin. The shoulders are straight, and the waist, hip, and bust are similar in size – this figure is straight like a column. They can look statuesque in the right clothes, which, for the versatile column, can be varied. It can be harder for columns to find everyday clothes, particularly pants, since they can carry off so many different high-fashion styles. The lovely British actress, Keira Knightley, is a column.

Goblet: The model. Goblets look like they sound – broad shoulders that taper to a narrow pair of hips, all balanced on a long, slim stem. With their squared shoulders and shapely legs, they are a fashion designer’s dream! Like columns, dressing for everyday can cause the real Fitting Room Problem. Plenty of runway and lingerie models have a goblet shape, including the Brazilian supermodel, Victoria’s Secret Angel Adriana Lima.

As you can see, no matter what your unique Fitting Room Problem is, you can look glamourous and well-dressed!

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