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Is wearing make-up fake? I recently came across this question on Yahoo Answers, Seventeen Magazine and even people on the Toronto Subway talking about this. It’s shocking how girls, especially teenagers, feel intimidated to start wearing make-up. And guys, or even older women, tend to de-grade it by saying it makes you look fake or you have to be of appropriate age to wear it and so on. Some say the foundation layers caked upon your face makes you look desperate…the list of ideas to suppress someone’s desire to wear make-up is endless. But my question is for the people making these statements: How original are you?

I don’t think any level of make-up makes you look fake. There is no such condition as you “have to look natural” because THAT could be regarded as being fake i.e. you’re wearing make-up but you pretend that you’re not. We never realize some people have to put on make-up because they might have a skin condition or any other reason and they can’t afford to get cosmetic surgeries. Some people just like wearing make-up period. They might be very pretty naturally but enjoy playing with colors and make-up so they play it up. Others might just like change. We all get haircuts, sometimes dramatically different, to try a new look, experiment or bring overall personality change in life.

In short, make-up is just a way of expression for some people and brings happiness or the much-needed change. Nobody questions somebody’s passion for paintings or someone’s need to wear glasses, then why do we question make-up? So what if somebody wants to look more polished or even beautiful to their taste. Maybe it’s not them being unappreciative of their natural beauty but you being insensitive to others feelings.

Who are we to stop people from doing what they like doing. If we start questioning fakeness, then how original are our smiles, expressions or sympathies?

I think if someone likes to or wants to put make-up on, they should go ahead and follow their desire, regardless of what others would think.

We live our lives with enough focus on what others would think that I don’t think we need to add that mentality to something as trivial as make-up. The only thing anybody should consider though is to be original in their interaction with others. Be kind, share smiles, and let your personality shine through those layers of make-up. Looking vain would make you unapproachable. Only one watch-out for young girls: take care of your skin. Sometimes by putting using wrong type of product or putting foundation every day without cleansing properly can make your skin break-out. Also, regular use of eye-shadows can cause early aging or wrinkles around your eyes due to constant tugging, pulling and rubbing. Other than that, we are all entitled to freedom and do what our hearts desire.

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