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Design your own diamond engagement ring

The engagement ring has always been one of the important symbols of love. If you have limited finances and would like to give your loved one a lovely diamond engagement ring, you can look at the options to design your ring. Find out more below.

How to Design Your Diamond Engagement Ring

The first step is to make a sketch of the ring with all the details that you want. This will help you to create a unique design with a personal touch. After finishing the sketch, you can look for a reputable and experienced jeweler to execute the design. Be clear when giving the details to the chosen artist. You want to ensure that you get the desired results regarding the ring settings, metal, and gems.

Now, you should decide on a budget before making the final arrangements with the jeweler. Your budget might also determine the color that you choose. It’s always economical to buy the loose diamonds with smaller carat weight. So, it might make more sense to opt for a design with small gems instead of one of the solitaire rings.


It’s worth mentioning that the colored diamonds are found in some of the fanciest rings today. When created naturally, the colored diamonds are exquisite so they can be costly. However, modern techniques are helping to make it more affordable to buy engagement rings with colors like the blue diamond. A ring with this color diamond will be unique.

When it comes to the precious metal, you will have more flexibility because they have similar prices. Platinum is an expensive metal and might stretch your budget, but you could opt for a diamond engagement ring with yellow or white gold. If you are choosing any of these metals, you must think about the desired look. Light colored diamonds such as champagne or yellow can be mistaken easily for white diamonds if you choose the wrong color. However, blue diamonds can look incredible when paired with any metal.

You can also consider an engagement ring set with three diamonds if it falls within your budget. For an eye-catching ring, you could add two small diamonds in between a large white diamond.

If you need more design ideas, you can explore the options on the online jewelry sites. Most sites will allow you to select the loose diamond, ring setting, and the metal to design your ring. Just be careful when shopping online and check to see if the jewelry site is secure. You also want to use a site with a return policy and free shipping.

Once you keep these suggestions in mind, you can design your diamond engagement ring within your budget and at a lower cost. Good luck!

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