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The days are getting shorter; there’s a chill in the air, lights are up everywhere – it must be winter already! And of course, with the new season comes new fashions. Getting a winter wardrobe is exciting when you’re looking at all the lovely sweaters and cute wooly tights, but for most of us, the fun stops when we get to outerwear. At this point, it’s easy just to give up and settle for a dull gray coat and black boots.

Don’t worry; you can still brighten up a gloomy winter’s day! Your clothes are hidden underneath your jacket, so they don’t have to match. Think of outerwear as a whole different outfit and you can get creative! Try a chic, unconventional colored coat.

With this yellow coat, you won’t miss the summer sun! Yellow matches well with a surprising range of colors. This would look great with any dark or neutral colored bottoms, but you can also pair them with another hot trend: COLORED PANTS. Bright red or cobalt blue give you a bold primary color combination, while pastel shades would look cute and feminine. This cut goes well with pants or skirts.




This cobalt blue coat is perfect for those who want a more conservative winter look. If you are still experimenting, this coat allows you to dip a toe into the ocean of colorful clothes! Any neutral bottoms would look good with this, including lighter shades. Stronger colors like seafoam green or most shades of pink make for a brighter combination. Tights and skinny jeans go particularly well with the loose fit of this coat.





This one is a personal favorite – I have a magenta peacoat myself! Any neutral bottoms will match this color well, mainly navy, gray, and camel or tan. Warm pastels color like yellow look nice too, as well as patterns like houndstooth or gingham in black-and-white. Do florals work with this lovely color – why wait for spring? Dresses and skirts look sleek and stylish thanks to this coat’s classic tailored cut.

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