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Choosing the Right Engagement Ring

Engagement is a special event in a couple’s life.  There is the promise of marriage and spending the rest of their lives together.  So it is important that you start off that lifelong journey with the right engagement ring.  There are some factors that some grooms-to-be do not consider before buying their love’s engagement ring, which can cause some disappointment for the bride-to-be.  You have to look at more than the cost of an engagement ring in making your choice.

  • Watch the practicality of the Ring – You have to be well-versed in the personality and activities of the person that will be wearing that engagement ring.  For instance, if you are proposing to a debutant that now does light office work for a living, that beautiful delicate setting may be appropriate.  But if she is the outdoors type that does a lot with her hands, that delicate setting might get damaged, and the gemstone could get lost.  Fit the ring to her personality.
  • Check the Durability of the Ring – Some ring styles and materials are more durable than others, resisting bending or the loss of gemstones.  The setting, as well as the materials in the ring, should match how the wearer lives on a daily basis since she will most likely wear it every day.  Be sure that the engagement ring can withstand this wear and tear without suffering the heart-breaking damage that can occur.

  • Let Her Have the Final Word – You may choose a ring for the proposal, and shop for another one later.  To have complete satisfaction in the choice of engagement rings, it is important to know her tastes and to allow her to have some input the style was chosen.
  • Know Her Ring Size – More often than not, you probably already know her ring size before shopping for that engagement ring.  But people do fluctuate in size throughout the years, so it is always a good idea to determine her ring size discretely.  You can compare a modern ring to the one you want to buy, and adjust by a small bit if she complains that her rings are loose or if they feel tight.
  • Ensure the Ring – There are times that she may remove the engagement ring for certain activities that could damage it.  This leaves the ring prone to lose or damage other than normal wear and tear.  Be sure you protect the investment.

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