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Can the color of a purse or bag change an outfit that much? The answer is: yes, of course, it can! A glance at the picture above shows that.

As you can see, there are two different colors for the bags: brown and black. Both are simple, neutral colors that can be worn with virtually any outfit, but each color gives your outfit a unique look and feel!

Black provides a greater contrast between colors, which means it emphasizes them and gives your outfit a more classy or professional look. Black is more formal, so when going to an elegant event, choose black over brown. This also has to do with the fact that black works better at night. That doesn’t mean black has to be boring or old-fashioned! It looks edgier than brown when contrasted with bright colors.

Brown is an earth tone, so it gives a more relaxed look. It works well for daytime looks because it’s not as severe as black. This also makes Brown an excellent choice for summer and fall, when you want a fresher look. Chances are you wear more colorful outfits in those seasons (unless, of course, you’ve read our article on COLORED COATS), and black can contrast too harshly.

Note: Black goes with any color. So when in doubt, go dark! If you want a softer effect, try SHADES OF GREY.

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