I don’t know about you guys, but I am sick of clomping around in heavy winter boots. In fact, I blame boots for my winter weight gain because they make my thighs look deceptively thin. Forget holiday eating and taking the subway everywhere – it’s the boots.

The good news is, the snow is on its way out (for now)! And that means it’s finally time to put away the clunky shoes and step out in a pair of ankle boots! Ankle boots are light but warm enough for the unpredictable spring weather. They’re versatile, too, with loads of styles to choose from.  Here are some must-haves for the season:


Oxford booties are casual enough for class, appropriate for the office, and cute enough to wear out in the evening. Pick patent leather with a comfortable heel for a. Bonus: it’s easy to wipe off the spring slush! Pair with opaque black tights and short skirts and dresses, or skinny jeans and your favorite blazer. Pack a more formal dress or top, a handful of jewelry and makeup, and you’re ready for a night out! Wear a BRIGHT COAT for a pop of color.


If you’re one of those people who wear Uggs and defends your decision by saying they’re comfy – know that right now, someone somewhere in the world is saying the same thing about Crocs. Enter the moccasin bootie, soft suede shoes with fringes, tassels, bows, and warm lining. They’ll match your midnight-coffee-run outfit of tights and a sweatshirt. But you can also wear them with jeans and a jacket, or even a dress or a skirt! Black suede looks rich, and great with black tights, while soft brown and gray shades are more earthy – made to be worn with a faded denim jacket. For the more adventurous, try an earthy color like plum, navy, olive, or rose.


Combat boots are classic, but that means they often turn into go-to shoes and can sometimes be a little annoying. A short boot in a bright color will look fresh without becoming overwhelming, and can be surprisingly versatile! This is an excellent way to color block your outfit right down to your toes, so don’t be afraid to experiment. These can look grungy and punk, as the style gods intended combat boots to be or high-fashion. For those who prefer to be low-key, go for a maroon or dark blue, or lighter pastel shades for a softer look.

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