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The color diamond ring

After I saw many home and family and her husband also fancy diamond ring, compare the prices and cost performance. Family accompanied me to walk the three towns of our city, here I want to thank my mother-in-law, the other people all say her mother-in-law is bad, my mother-in-law is …

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Diamond Color Cutting Carat and Clarity

Approaches to get married, many more people hope to have a brilliant diamond engagement ring, as the king of flawless gemstones, the diamond becomes the symbol of love, to purchase a diamond with excellent quality and reasonable price, we should be familiar with the diamond. GIA is a nonprofit gem …

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Choosing the Right Engagement Ring

Engagement is a special event in a couple’s life.  There is the promise of marriage and spending the rest of their lives together.  So it is important that you start off that lifelong journey with the right engagement ring.  There are some factors that some grooms-to-be do not consider before …

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